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Writing an argumentative paper and especially the introduction part, is a challenging journey. In order to go through it successfully, you need to know special techniques, tricks and requirements. And to see all this working in practice, we suggest you taking a look at a well-written argumentative essay introduction example. The reason why introduction is more hard to deal with than with other parts of argumentative paper is because it is exactly where you have to grab your reader's attention and make him want to read your paper to the end, no matter what. Although it comes first and is presented in the opening paragraph, some experienced writers find that the best and the easiest way to deal with introduction is to write it in the very end, when the rest of paper is ready. However, there are also many other things to know that will make your writing flow easier. In this article, we will discuss professional tips and guidelines to write an outstanding argumentative paper. But if you need additional help, please use our writing service. We can write a remarkable paper from scratch, provide you with all the needed assistance within the writing process, and also, we can proofread and edit your argumentative essay in case of need. More than that, the range of our writing services goes far beyond argumentative writing. Any kind of writing assignment is our area of expertise.

Structuring your argumentative paper

First of all, let us find out the place and role of argumentative essay intro among other sections. To do this, we have to analyze the entire structure of argumentative paper. If you look at a well-written argumentative essay introduction example, you will see that although it provides vital information about the rest of the paper, it still can stand alone and serve as a preview of your essay. So here is how the structure of the entire paper looks like:

  • First of all, comes the introduction. Apparently, to introduce the topic of your essay to the reader, announce the key points and edges of the discussion and give a brief summary. This is a lot like a review, although it has a smaller size and is actually a part of a bigger writing.
  • The first part of the body. Here, you are presenting and developing your arguments, explaining the importance of the issue being discussed, providing facts and other means of argumentation to prove your rightness, giving examples and quotes, etc.
  • The second part of the body. Here, you have to provide the counterarguments. These are the points of view of your opponents, who think the exact opposite way. The reason why you need find them and include into your writing is because this is a good way to show your awareness of the issue and that you have done enough of research. It also will show that you are confident enough in your own rightness, so you are not afraid that somebody will not agree with you.
  • The conclusion. On the contrary to how it may seem, this is not just a summary or restating of the thesis statement. This is also you last chance to make a good and lasting impression on the reader.

It really isn't that bad, if only you are ready to work a little bit. With a strong argumentative essay introduction example and a piece of good advice you will cope with this task.

Outlining your essay

The introduction is where you set the tone of the entire paper. On how effective, engaging and interesting you make it sound depends whether your reader will keep reading further. Three essential components of an introduction are the hook to grab the reader's attention, a couple of sentences for the background information and, finally, the thesis statement. Let us take a deeper look at them:

  • The hook is a first opening sentence. Why it is called a “hook”? Because you are literally going to hook up your reader's attention. You need to immerse the reader into your writing from the very first sentence and keep him in the state of curiosity to the end of your paper. A hook may be a provoking statement, an anecdote, a surprising fact or anything that can cause an awe effect.
  • Background information is a brief overview of what you are going to discuss further. For example, the introduction of the topic, the core reason why you find it important, the methods that you used for the research, the results of your research, the explanation of how your research can be helpful in that or another area of studies etc.
  • The thesis statement. It usually takes nearly two sentences. Here you have to announce you personal position in regard to the problem and explain what made you come up with that idea. This is sort of a claim, although you have to sound very confident about your point of view. Remember that if you are not confident about what you are saying, people will not believe you as well.

Developing the argument

Previously we highlighted how to deal with your introduction by sections. Now we want to dig a little bit deeper into the arguments and how it should be developed. In the argumentative essay introduction example, you may see that it leads the reader right to the second part of the essay and flows into it naturally. This is because the argument and the intro are connected to each other. The number of claims is actually not so important. What really important is your capacity to build them appropriately and provide in a comprehensible manner.

A claim is a specific statement. It is provided with the purpose of supporting the argument. For example: “Marijuana should be legalized, because it helps cure a lot of diseases and releases people from stress”. This is a good claim to state.

An evidence is what comes after the claim. Although the claim itself helps support the argument, it also has to be supported by the evidence. By evidence one should understand a fact, which should come from trustworthy sources. A fact cannot be your personal experience or thought. It has to be either a scientific fact or something that has been already proved and doesn't require further exploration.

How to provide counterarguments

Now, we have gone far enough to discuss the section that causes a lot of confusion among the students. This is the second part of the body and it includes providing counterarguments. Counterarguments are opinions of other people that may be either completely opposite to yours, or at least a little bit different. So some students don't understand the reason why you have to discuss your opponent's points of view. The reason is quite simple. First of all, it will show your readers that you have conducted enough of research and read a lot of information about the discussed problem, which is how you found out these counterarguments. Second of all, it will also show that you are so sure about your personal opinion that you are not afraid of stating opinions of others because you know they are wrong.

For example, you may say, “Some people assume that no kinds of drugs should be legalized, because they lead to addiction and are harmful for the human health, whereas the last scientific research shows that this plant is not only capable of curing a wide range of diseases, but is also safe to consume on a regular basis”. So this is how you can provide a counterargument and prove its wrong at the same time. So once you have finished with this part, you have approached the final section of your essay, which is the conclusion.

How to build an impressive conclusion

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While creating conclusion, remember about major goals you have to achieve:

  • Restating of the significance of your problem. Just like you have done it in your introduction, you have to restate it in the conclusion, although find other words in order to avoid repetition.
  • Describe the outcome that is bound to appear in case if your solution of the problem is not accepted and implemented. This is how you should let your readers know about the consequences of the wrong choice. This statement have to sound especially clear and confident.
  • Close your conclusion with an impressive last sentence. This is important because it is your final opportunity to make a good, strong and lasting impression. You may use a motivational and inspirational quote or anything that will make the reader think about your essay and the problem discussed in it for a long time afterwords.

As you can see, writing an argumentative paper is not very easy, but possible to deal with. All you have to do is to focus on your assignment and be ready to dedicate some time to it. However, if you don't feel like doing it at all, there is no need to force yourself. Why struggling, if you have such an amazing opportunity to use professional help? Let us know the topic and the requirements to your argumentative essay and relax, while we are taking care of everything.

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