Antigone vs . the Hunger Online games: Gender Roles

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Antigone vs . The Hunger Game titles: Gender Roles

Searching through a historic lens, male or female roles for men and women have changed significantly. Men were regarded as being the most critical portion in society as evidence by men having the greatest paying careers, and the most dangerous jobs, held property, and could wed and divorce virtually any woman in their will. In resistance, women had been thoroughly prompted to home based, tend to vegetation, household obligations, and care for children. Antigone, a enjoy by Sophocles, is a perfect example of the famous context of gender roles. The contemporary film and book, The Hunger Games, by Suzanne Collins, is a complete opposite. That shows the evolution of gender functions from centuries ago until now. In Antigone, the women had been expected to perform as they are informed without any problem or unwillingness. " Think how much more terrible than these our personal death can be if we should go against Creon and do what he had unacceptable! We are just women; all of us cannot battle with men, Antigone! ”(Ismene 62)While men were able to create laws and for the most part carry out what they desired, women were considered weakened, unworthy in the privileges provided to men, and in need of a man's safety and should be left within man's watchful eye. This was one of the main reasons as to why women did not or cannot have what the men experienced. While Antigone portrays the standard historical take a look at gender jobs, the more contemporary film, The Hunger Video games, depicts that as males and females have equivalent gender roles. " The part of Section Twelve, McKnight 2

nicknamed the Joints is usually crawling with fossil fuel miners moving out to the morning shift with this hour. Men and Women with hunched shoulders, inflammed knuckles, many who have very long since ceased trying to clean the coal dust out of their broken nails. ”(The Hunger Online games 4) women and men worked alongside for the tasks provided to them....



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