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History of 3D IMAGES technology

3D technology has been a very hot technology that numerous people are discussing recently. The movie, Avatar experienced also aroused a wide open public frenzy on the 3D exhibited work. Some people may ponder, can this kind of trend preserve and could this technology sooner or later become popular, generally applied in different areas? Through analyzing the technology maturity, public opinions, applications and current advancement, we hope to get some insight with this issue. In the first component, we will talk about the fundamental theory active in the 3D technology, the most common display methods, the maturity from the technology plus some technical problems involved. Analysis and Survey

In this component, general public's opinions towards 3D technology can be found. With strong support of researches conducted by simply credible companies, most of the buyers think it is an attractive and refreshing idea to get introducing THREE DIMENSIONAL technology into their home, while at the same time, they think the manufacturing companies must look into the price and feasibility of computer. Analysis

The use of 3D technology in various applications is appearing. With the raising number of 3 DIMENSIONAL movies, THREE DIMENSIONAL technology presenting the use of particular glasses may stimulate the need for 3 DIMENSIONAL content in the house. Besides, the 3D technology can be put on the video games as well as item advertising. This part is going to analyze the commercialization procedure for these several aspects as well as the further market development. Significance

To have a even more thorough understanding, we also come up with some issues and implications regarding the 3D technology. The huge production and unit installation cost linked to early stage may become a major challenge for some industries like film development industry although also can protect the level of privacy of digital goods simply by creating experience that is challenging to copy. The utilization of 3D technology provide us with enjoyment coming from sophisticated images and knowledge while may result in waste of resources and in many cases poses wellness threats in case there is overuse. Each one of these issues should not be neglected if it is aimed to produce good usage of the 3D IMAGES technology.

History of 3D IMAGES technology

3D technology - How it works?

You will discover quite a number of strategies to generate 3D images at present. But basically, they make use of one of the essential properties in human sight – binocular parallax, which will enables us to decide the depth of the items we see. Binocular parallax is the difference between the images viewed by two eyes. Since our two eyes do look things in slightly different viewpoint, image of the thing will show up on different part of the retina on each attention. Our human brain senses these types of slight dissimilarities and thus manage to determine the depth/distance in the object.

3D technology makes use of such human being property

The introduction of 3D technology is all the way in which attempting to type two several images in our two eyes. At the begining of stage that involves putting on glasses to screen away or acquire only particular images in each vision. Later, as a result of demand of comfort and ease, systems with out glasses happen to be gradually produced.

Four main types of 3 DIMENSIONAL display technology

With glasses

1 . Polarizing glasses

How you can functionFiltering lighting polarized in several directions. Specialized issuesIf your head is too tend to one side, the eyeglasses may not be in a position to filter fully the light which usually not meant to enter. You could see two images and feel light headed after seeing. Usage3D movies e. g. Avatar

2 . Shutter glasses

How to functionImages which designed to go into different eyes are exhibiting interchangeably by very quick rate on the display screen. The eyeglasses will ‘open and close' at a rate that can accept the proper images. Technical issuesCostly to create; Heavy to decorate


Without spectacles

1 . Multiplexed SECOND

How to functionShowing two photos simultaneously on a single...



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