Dessault Case Evaluation

Case study on Dassault Systemes

Just how did DS evolve?

1 ) Spin off from Dassault Aviators started using a team of 15 persons * Revenue channel through IBM

* Certainly not part of their expertise – it is high-priced, and outsource may be more cost effective * Acquire lead users e. g. Boeing, Toyota(Japanese firms quicker in design), Bombardier 5. Set up a development laboratory to work with all their client businesses for close collaboration * Support of a senior manager + externalization

* Could hardly get dedication to the development with Dassault 2. Need to force out of the firm to spin off

2. Not have application development based upon customer complications have long-term views on client needs * To avoid a lot of customization where will become also complex and unprofitable 5. Customers might not know what they will really want – become way too short sighted 2 . Acquisition of SolidWorks ($315 miliion paid for a $8million in sales 2. Focus on entry market

5. Strategic proceed to protect DS

* Scared that fresh company will come in to compete with low cost * Elizabeth. g. Microsoft (disruptive) APPLE

* Fear that DS technical engineers will lose the best culture wherever they are operating at more complicated projects 2. Get a good director Hirschtick and gain admiration from the young engineers * 3D Articles Central

5. Provide a tool to create content material interaction between customers 3. Product line of DS acquisition and inner development 2. Design – innovation missing


* SolidWorks

5. SIMULIA – simulation to minimize cost of prototyping * DELMIA – Development process

2. ENOVIA – collaboration and data management

* Internal social communication – to integrate

some. And then… there was WEB 2. 0! 3DVIA. com

* User influenced innovation

5. Design = Sum of standardized components

* Search results [EXALEAD – expert in...



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