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Toni Burns

3713 Views Dr .

Optica, TX 75025


Targets: To obtain a situation in clinical nursing had been critical nursing and command skills can be utilized. I would like a chance to thank you in advance of your time and consideration of my app.

Education: College or university of Memphis, TN

Managed to graduate May six, 2005

BSN, Nursing

At the moment Enrolled in MBA/MSN program online with Grand Canyon University- expected completion date 8/27/14

MDS three or more. 0 Certified- 7/2012 (Texas)


Richland Hillsides Nursing and Rehabilitation Middle

3109 Nobleman Court

Fort Worth, TX


Administrator: Hermosa Tellany

102 bed SNF

Company distributed


Prairie Estates

1350 And. Main

Frisco, TX 75133


Administrator: Serta Hubbard

160 bed long term care- skilled nursing service

Job tittle: DON


Injured in auto accident

Hcr Manor Dallas

3326 Burgoyne St

Based in dallas, TX 75233

Administrator: Soraya Syed


202 bed long term care- skilled medical rehab center

Work Title: DON


Acknowledged position closer to home

Personal unsecured Health care

4001 Poplar Ave

Memphis, TN 38119

Administrator: Renee Tutor

289 bed longer term care – skilled nursing rehabilitation facility

Task title: WEAR


Moved to Texas

Ave Helen

1412 Charles Bryan Side of the road

Bartlett, TN 38016

Officer: Frank Gana

75 bed long term care- skilled breastfeeding facility

Task title: ADON


High risk pregnancy- in the hospital on completed bed rest until delivery

Local Medical Center

877 Jefferson

Memphis, TN 38103


Manager: Adrice Williams-trauma- distress trauma, shock ICU/ injury ICU step-down (Weekender) 5/2007-4/2010

Methodist Overall health Systems

D. Beckley BLVD


Trustaff Medical Agency

Traveler-contract assignment-surgical/medical icu/ccu


Director: Toshika Wallace

Cordova Treatment and Nursing jobs Center

955 Germantown PKWY...



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