Impacts of Unethical Patterns

Impacts of Unethical Patterns

Adam S. Wilcox



Angelia Hunter

Influences of Unethical Behavior

The collapse of Enron in 2001 shed the light on the number of underhanded business and accounting methods in the corporate world. In year 1986 Enron CEO Kenneth Lay down combined his Houston Natural Gas company with several other firms. At this time the business began growing exponentially. By the mid-1990's the deregulation with the oil and gas industries allowed Enron to spend heavily and purchase businesses as well as portion as a significant supplier. This kind of astronomical expansion correlated immediately with Enron's stock selling price which also rose throughout this time period. When Jeffrey Skilling was hired Enron's corruption increased. Together Lay and Skilling continuously overpriced profits and documented expected profits as present in the current fiscal yr. Skilling and Lay likewise created relationships allowing them to maintain the company's multi-million dollar personal debt off accounting ledgers proven to investors. This deception led to a Fortune magazine columnist thought about if Enron was expensive. Ultimately this information led different financial experts to question the same thing and launched the investigation that uncovered Enron's deceptive accounting practices. Easily were an accountant working at Enron I might not have been able to go along with the deception that was going on. Knowing that the executives weren't properly credit reporting earnings is definitely something that I might have to statement. By heading along with the deception the accountants working by Enron believed they may have already been the victims because these people were only performing what they had been told. Yet , in fact they will played a vital part in the deception and best demise of the company.


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