Interactive Source Demand Activity Lemonade Stand

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The above mentioned link takes to an fun game. This kind of game is designed to show you the roles of supply and demand using the fast-paced organization setting of lemonade sales. Please see the instructions and play a round or maybe more of the game. After you are executed, write a daily news reflecting in your experience (250 words minimum). Things to include: What was the strategy although playing? What factors damaged your decisions? How was supply and demand demonstrated through this kind of?

It was genuinely an interesting which gave me a good idea about the organization of true to life. While playing, at the beginning I think it would be fairly simple so I played out casually then come to find out it is not that easy at it looks. On the 1st round I made a whole lot of mistake which offered me ideas about how precisely to play. Beginning at the 2nd round I had fashioned enough idea to understand price and demand varies a lot. Popularity likewise affects demand but selling price affect this much higher. In the event the price is reasonable even inside the worst period, someone may earn revenue. So I worked out the cost for every single glass of Lemonade. Applying 4 of every item, " lemon ", sugar and ice in a pitcher, 10 glasses were made. And I utilized the following types of item, Paper glasses: 100 to get $2. ninety two = $0. 029

" lemon ": 75 pertaining to $4. '08 = $0. 055

Sugars: 48 cups of for $3. 28 = $0. 069

Ice: five-hundred for $3. 85 sama dengan $0. 009

So expense to make a pitcher lemonade = $(0. 055+0. 067)*4 sama dengan 0. 488 Pitcher means 11 glasses so value for each glass including cost for paper cups = $0. 488/11+0. 009*4 +$0. 029 sama dengan $0. 109

As I got that price really affects the demand so I put the cost at 12-15 cents to make quite a income. Though it absolutely was a nice strategy but the items affected my decision was melting of ice, spoiling of lemons, weather alterations and all. Based on these topics I had to refine my own strategy for day or two. By playing this game I got several real experience. I got that price and demand are actually strongly related. As a entrepreneur, if you plan well you...



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