Jenny's Persona; Interpretation of Forrest Gump

Forrest Gump: Jenny's Character

Monday, August 22, 2011

PSY202 – Principles of Psychology

From this character examination paper the character of Jenny Curran from the award winning motion picture Forrest Gump will be the subject matter of discussion. This kind of paper will present an examination of the Jenny's personality since it is applicable to Psychodynamic theory. The conventional paper will present my rationale pertaining to the choice to work with the Psychodynamic theory to spell out Jenny Curran's personality. In addition , this paper will present a description of the psychodynamic theory making use of the work of Sigmund Freud regarding character development. The paper can contain a information of Jenny Curran, as well as, an research of her personality using Psychodynamic theory focusing on composition, process, progress, development, and alter. This examination will indentify psychopathologies, which will developed because of the Jenny's life encounters. Furthermore, it will have a description of other factors by the article writer, which indentify internal and external elements that written for the development of Jenny Curran's individuality. " Sigmund Freud produced an total view of personality through which behavior is a result of struggles amongst drives and needs that without doubt conflict (Cervone, Pervin, Oliver, 2005 l. 74). ” The psychoanalytic theory look at is that persona is created gradually while the individual undertake different psychosexual stages: mouth, anal, and phallic. Sigmund Freud likewise theorized a person runs from three states penalized: the identification, the superego, and the ego. " The Psychoanalytic theory places gigantic emphasis on the role of early existence events at a later time personality expansion (Cervone, Pervin, Oliver, 2006 p. 112). ” Jenny developed fixation in the oral and the anal stages of her psychosexual stage. She acts in behavior feature of those phases to reduce the strain, she was experiencing in her existence. Jenny experiences conflict between the id and the ego and...



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