Friction on a Surface

Friction over a surface.

Target: To establish the relation between weight of a rectangular wooden block resting on a side to side table plus the minimum force required to merely move it using a springtime balance

Supplies required: An oblong block of wood with a hook, group of weights, strong thread and a springtime balance.

Theory: The push of rubbing acting on a block of wood is definitely proportional towards the normal response acting on the block. By the third rules of action, normal response is corresponding to the pounds of the target. So chaffing will depend on the weight from the object.

Method.: Measure the excess weight of the wood made block making use of the spring stability. Place the wood block available. Attach 1 end in the thread on the hook plus the other end around the spring equilibrium. Slowly take the wood made block holding the spring balance, little by little increasing the force. Record the browsing on the early spring balance if the block merely starts moving Record your principles in the listar column. Duplicate the research by elevating the excess weight of the block by inserting extra dumbbells on the solid wood block. Plan a chart of net weight with the block up against the minimum power required to maneuver it.

Consequence; The bare minimum force needed to move the block was found being directly proportional to the fat of the stop.


1 ) The surface ought to be free of dust and Portugal.

2 . Line should be inextensible.

3. Be sure that the twine is sufficiently strong to withstand the force. 4. Take the reading exactly when the block starts moving

Springtime Balance

Wood Block


Range of planting season balance: …………………

Least count number of early spring balance: …………..

Zero problem of spring balance: ……………..

Weight from the wooden prevent: ……………..

H. No| Weight added (N)| Net pounds (N)| Examining of early spring balance(N)| 1| | |

2| | |

3| | |

4| | |

5| | |



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