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" Now i'm light-skinned" (McBride xix) is exactly what James's mom had constantly told him whenever this individual asked her whether your woman was white or not really. James's ethnic/family background had been a unknown to him ever since having been a child and in addition carried on with him into adulthood. He never understood his mom's history, in which she originated from, or family members from her side of the family. This created misunderstandings within Adam. He cannot identify himself as white or black because he did not have virtually any knowledge of his family. Causing, his years as a child to be filled with fear, distress, frustration, and isolation. Many of James's mature years were filled with possibly larger problems concerning competition and his personal identity, this individual later fixed the unknown of his identity throughout the writing in the book, The colour of Water, where James's mother unidentified their family's history.

As a child, David had often questioned his mother regarding her competition, doing so will uncover his identity, but had by no means received an aligned forward answer. At one point during his child years, he asked his mother " Am I black or perhaps white? " (92) and she just replied " You're a person, educate yourself or perhaps you'll be a nobody" (92). This left James baffled and very disappointed. James's mother, Ruth, didn't want the topic of race to interfere with his education or perhaps Christian hope. She despised her past and never wished to remember that again. In confusion and frustration David created a great imaginary friend that this individual referred to as the boy inside the mirror. This individual looked much like James and acted like him but was thought to include a " normal" relatives with a mom who was certainly not white. James was envious of the youngster in the mirror and began to hate him when people in school made entertaining of him. Unlike Adam, the boy in the looking glass knew who he was and did not have the confusion and frustration that James had concerning along with race. When James was going to preschool he noticed that the other kid's mothers with the bus stop did not...

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