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1)Thomas Green was obviously a high executing individual and could have been a very good leader, if he would include exhibited all the qualities of your true leader. Here is an analysis of Thomas's leadership style based on Ancona leadership model. a. Inventing: -- Thomas was very good on this top quality of management. Soon after his promotion, if he met Davis, his employer, he was capable to come with innovative ideas and client reacted very absolutely to these ideas. i. One other example of Jones being imaginative: -one from the market specialists who supported Thomas to many meeting throughout the special application project stated that Thomas is very creative and can quickly think of new ideas on his ft. b. Visioning: - One of the very important example of Thomas like a visionary was that he know very well what he wants in his job. He was capable of see the location where he really wants to be in his organization. And using his inventing capability he was capable of make a method to that promo i. Another example of Thomas's visioning skill: - In-spite of positive indicators from the market statistics (as every Davis) Jones was able to notice that market is basically not going in that course. Thomas was more near the consumers. After he entered into this new function he met many clients, their particular account executives and industry specialist. Based upon his conferences he was in a position to predict that 10% expansion, which Davis forecasted was not achievable. c. Sense making: - Thomas was good at this skill also. His ideas built sense to clients (clients responded well to his ideas). As well he was capable of convince McDonald that he could be a better in shape for the brand new senior marketing specialist situation. While in meeting having been able to invent new ideas for his clients which fully got the clients interested in his concepts.

d. Relating: - This was something Thomas fell lurking behind on. McDonald informed him that he's walking into a tricky circumstance; still he was not able to relate this warning to Davis's behavior. During...



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