Online strategy Essay

Web marketing strategy:

Target audienceProduct StrategyPricing Technique

Communication Strategy

College studentsWe will be endorsing our items through sports activities events. Cheerful hours via 10 a. m – 1 s. m which has a discount 15% ona costs of more than Rs. 300. CorporatesFree delivery to officesCorporate discounts of 10% on invoice exceeding Rs. 1000. ChildrenWe would make an effort to attract the children with toon characters and distribution of free toys.

Additional Strategies:

Organizing special event events like new year, xmas diwali

Planning navratra particular food to get fasting persons 9 days and nights in a year. We might earn earnings out of it. Promoting by means of essays, snapdeal.

Getting events including kitty parties, birthday functions and small get together(max 100 people) Can request stalls in college festivals

To provide low fat food @ reasonable cost.

CSR activities:

We might distribute t shirts to orphanage children cost free Would arrange for food at no cost for orphans once a year. Creating awareness through waste containers.

i. Circulation Strategy

ii. Communication Technique

iii. Research


1 ) Action Courses:

i. Regular monthly Description:

•To get the essays printed and distributed combined with newspaper. •Advertising through digital media (snapdeal, TV ads).

•To procedure different department stores, airport, corporates for unique stalls. •To organize CSR activities two times a year.

•To appoint a great SEO so that the people browsing internet whom are in search of good food joints discover BFC since the number one choice on any search engine web page.


Sum spent on distinct activities(Yearly):

Pamphlets: 10000

Sponsorships: 10000

Recycling/Reuse Waste containers + Internet marketing: 57000

Tshirts for Orphanage: 7500

Total expenses: 84500

Revenues Gained:

Kitty, birthday: 30000

Navratra special: 15000

Pamphlets: 1 . 5 lacs for every one fourth customers attracted Total earned: 1 . 95 lacs

Total turnover month-to-month: 6 lacs

Yearly yield = 72 lacs

Income = thirty percent = 1 . 8 lacs

Marketing expenditure: 84500

Total profit after exp = 95500

Believed Profits: 110500

Projected income: 206000

Total expected yield = 6th. 2 lacs

Expected Yearly turnover = 74. 5 lacs

1 ) SWOT analysis for the company


•Located at primary location.

•Separate Kitchen for veg and non veg.

•Serve multicuisine food.

•Lodging facility. This kind of adds to an edge over their rivals just like KFC. Weakness •Unprofessional staff.

•No web marketing strategy

•No CSR activities.

•Less outlets.

•Haven't explored other opportunities just like corporates, malls etc . Possibilities

•Different events like parties.

•Stalls in Corporates, Department stores, airports.

•Festive occasions.

•Sports support.

•Food PacketsThreats

•Other food outlets who have are into same business of serving toast chicken(KFC, Chicking). •Other take out joints like Pizza shelter, Dominos, Mc Donalds, CCD, Barista.

Market Research:

BFC's researching the market would aid in understanding the customer tastes and choices. Additionally it would also help in completing the voids present in BFC and to build upon the strengths as well as the opportunities. BFC's brand consciousness research could help in identifying the performance and performance of the marketing plans used by BFC to create understanding amongst the buyers. BFC consequently would also take the client satisfaction survey to analyse and understand the marketplace reaction.

1 ) Define the challenge:

BFC as a fresh brand continues to be facing tough times to establish by itself as a recognized food cycle. The main issues that it has been facing are: 1 ) Less quantity of outlets (only 2, one in HAL and other in HSR Layout). 2 . Low presence because of simply no marketing strategies being followed. 3. Food top quality not up to the mark.

4. BFC faces lots of competition with biggies like APPLEBEES because of the likeness with the KFC's logo and the menu. 5. Because of the previously listed...



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